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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Center Camera is not auto detected during SfB call


We are using a Polycom Eagle Eye Director III as the center camera.


The normal behaviour when you initiate a Skype Call, it will automatically select the center camera. However, after 2 or 3 weeks ago, you need to manually select the center camera during Skype call.


This is not service impacting but the change of workflow for the customer is quite a big thing.

We have tried different USB port and different USB camera but the result is the same.


Is this a known issue or caused by a recent windows update.


Appreciate your response or inputs. Thank you.

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Hi Jon


I would recommend looking to update the Polycom Eagle Eye Camera to the latest version if not already on the latest -


It is likely to be a bug and check release notes for any fixes



Hi Jon


I disagree with Max that this is an issue with the Polycom unit as this has been a known issue for over a year with Surface Hub!


We use Logitech PTZ Pro cameras in some rooms and they are not always auto-selected as the default when joining a meeting.


I know this was on the radar to be fixed earlier this year but it seems it still hasn't been sorted.


@Cezar Cretu / @Yoav Barzilay Any knowledge from inside the PG on if this bug is likely to see a fix?

Hello @Jon Calutan,


Teams development took priority over Skype issues and since Teams is now the preferred client, please check to see if it works with it. 


Thank you,


This is the response from Microsoft Support:


It appears that this behavior is the current expected camera behavior after the November update. Last word received is that the behavior is likely to remain in Skype for Business but also future changes may be in store for Microsoft Teams that would alleviate the issue, though no specifics were given other than that.

I disconnected our Eagle Eye from our Surface Hub 1 and connected it to a standard laptop and the behaviour was the same - Skype did not auto-select the Polycom as camera.


I then repeated this with a standard external webcam both on my laptop and on the Surface Hub, and the camera was auto-selected by Skype in both instances.


This tells me the problem is not with the Surface Hub but rather than Polycom have broken their Skype certification - or maybe they never had it, I see the device is listed as "Skype Compatible" not "SfB Certified".


We are using fairly recent firmware (2.1) - has anyone had more success with the latest firmware (2.2) or can anyone recommend a similar auto-tracking camera with SfB certification which does work with SfB and Surface Hub 1?