Can I install "Windows Team" on a PC?

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I have a 75" display touch, I have a computer with core i7, 2TB SSD, 32GB RAM, and a GPU 6GB.

Can I install "Windows Team" on a PC? I want the functionality to use the computer but, I also want the ability to access to my meetings and files as the Hub 2s, from the inital screen of the system.

There is a way to configure that?


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I completely think we should be 'allowed' to use that, but I'd prefer it to be baked into the Windows 11 package as a mode you turn on, like "kiosk mode" so you could leave an all-in-one at a desktop in a talking room or a small huddle space, and run it like the hotdesk scenario they're showing with the new AIO24 Yealink Deskvision product.

But Microsoft spent all that time to build the Windows 10 Team Edition OS, but it feels like it should just be a mode or capability of the overall OS, so customers can apply this as part of any licensed PC. Why not? This is actually a wayyyy more appealing concept to me than letting people run Windows 10 PRO on a Surface Hub 2S... just feels like a waste. The opposite is re-enabling machines or displays that could otherwise still have useful life and WAY more efficient and secure than having people run standard Windows PCs with a guest user (password on a stickynote, if password protected at all) - it's just not designed for that. Enabling "Teams Mode" for a windows PC that has a touch screen and/or stylus, vs. only keyboard and mouse might determine the UI and experience. So long as it has network/internet access and an account to provision it (this could be automated and provisioned with an account Temporary Access Pass (TAP) in the future maybe, so people can provision their own rooms and then turn a PC into a room for that area, knowing that it's locked down to the (again, I stress this - Already Built and usable today) capabilities in Windows 10 Teams Edition, it just needs to be let free for us to use. : ) It's such a great feature!

For example, the Surface Hubs have touch and a stylus, as well as a keyboard/trackpad. So you can pickup the stylus and it launches a whiteboard session. Or you tap the screen (or use the trackpad) to click "Join Meeting" for the already scheduled meeting, or tap the appropriate button to start a new meeting, call someone else, or start sharing your laptop to the display.

A display with only mouse/keyboard would have a similar UI to the aforementioned Yealink product, easily moved around by a mouse or trackpad for the room.