Can edge favorites or mapped drives be saved on hub ?

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I think I read a no go on this but it was a couple years old so hoping for a update to make this possible.   Pretty much all the users of our Surface hub have enough in common that some internal websites and a mapped drive or two would make starting meetings easier for them.   I have not found much positive information on this being possible.   And input/thoughts ?



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Hi Mike, 


Mapping drives is impossible, but OneDrive should be able to answer this need if you're on Office 365.

Edge favorites can't be imported to Surface Hub, but if you're using the same websites across the organization you can pin them to the Surface Hub Start Menu as described in this post.


You can configure the Edge homepage on Surface Hub using MDM or a provisioning package.

Something I've seen one company do is create a special page on their intranet with the common places you might want to go on Surface Hub, and set that page as your homepage in Edge.

See under Browser Settings.