Available for the rest of the day?

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Our organisation has recently purchased a Surface Hub 2 which I have set up and seems to work very well. I have an issue though, on the Welcome Screen it says "Available for the rest of the day" even if I add the device to Teams meetings etc. If I go into Teams on the device then I can see the meetings I've booked.


Im sure I must have missed something but I need the device to show when its booked out from the welcome screen.


Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Marklamb67 ,


The welcome screen is synced with Exchange. The calendar information in Teams is handled by the Teams client. I believe that in your case the account is not configured correctly. 

You probably know this article already, but make sure you doublecheck the Exchange ActiveSync policy and the CalendarProcessing for any differences. Also, check if the account is not in quarantine.

If everything looks good, please open a support case and an engineer will assist you


Thank you,


@Cezar Cretu 


Is there a powershell command I can run to get the all gthe mailbox properties for examination? That might help in identifying whats not quite right.

Hello @Marklamb67,


Here you go:


Get-Mailbox hubaccount@contoso.com | Select DisplayName,AccountDisabled,ResourceType,RoomMailboxAccountEnabled,PrimarySmtpAddress


Get-CalendarProcessing hubaccount@contoso.com | Select AddOrganizerToSubject,AutomateProcessing,DeleteComments,DeleteSubject,RemovePrivateProperty


Get-CASMailbox hubaccount@contoso.com | Select -Expand ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy | Get-MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy | Select Name,PasswordEnabled,AllowNonProvisionableDevices


Hope this helps.


@Cezar Cretu 


Hi Cezar,


Still not displaying on the home screen for some reason.


Results of the scripts:


DisplayName : XXXXXXX
AccountDisabled : False
ResourceType : Room
RoomMailboxAccountEnabled : True
PrimarySmtpAddress :XXXX@XXXLLP.onmicrosoft.com


AddOrganizerToSubject : False
AutomateProcessing : AutoAccept
DeleteComments : False
DeleteSubject : False
RemovePrivateProperty : False


Name             PasswordEnabled             AllowNonProvisionableDevices
---- --------------- ----------------------------
SurfaceHubs   False                                  True




Hello @Marklamb67,


Everything looks good. Have you also checked if the account is in quarantine?

If not, then kindly open a case so we can analyze the logs


Thank you,


@Cezar Cretu 


I am next in the office on Wednesday and will check then. Do you have a link for raising a case if necessary?



hi, have the same issue. please let me know if you have the resolution from MSFT. I have moved all our devices to Teams Only mode recently.