Surface Go 2 and USB C Hub

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Hi - I've just bought a 128GB/8MB Surface Go 2 and to expand ports etc I've bought one of these hubs:


I do get a message stating this device may need more power but the USB/SD ports work fine.  My issue is the HDMI port does not appear to work.  Is this because of a power issue with the hub or have I just bought an incompatible device?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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@CitronaxI also bought a USB hub (DigiPower) to expand the Surface Go's sole USB-C port. It (the surface) only seems to support one USB device even thru the hub, so I am not sure what the issue seems to be. There are other hubs listed on review sites, but whether they have been tested on the Go's to determine if they actually work as a hub, and not just an wiring extension, is questionable.


Also listed is Microsoft's "compatible" hub for sale at $174. Not sure what is in the $174 Microsoft hub (they call it a dock) that is not in a $17 USB hub. Hopefully someone can answer that question.


The local MicroCenter staff were no help in solving the dilemma, so someday soon a trip to the now Covid closed Microsoft Store will be required for some technical info.   

I have the same issue with a similar hub off

@Citronax Update to my original post.  The hub is now displaying via HDMI - no idea what's changed.  So with the hub in my post I can connect USB dongles for Keyboard and mouse.  I can also use a USB stick as well.  HDMI output also works.  The power warning is still there but everything is good.  In this respect I'd recommend this hub.