Network Drops on Surface Go


I'm involved with a rollout of Surface Go devices (about 3K devices) and we are in the pilot stages.


With the COVID situation all of our users are working from home and have switched from mainly wired connections via Surface Docks to using WiFi at home. We are seeing an intermittent issue where the Wifi is still connected but we get total inbound and outbound packet loss.


The drivers on the devices were updated using the latest Surface Go Firmware bundle. The Wifi driver is version All devices are running Windows 10 1909 with the April Cumulative update.


Troubleshooting on the access points/firewalls of the affected devices shows no packets being sent once the devices go into a failed state. Disconnecting and reconnecting to the Wifi usually fixes the issue but sometimes a reboot is required.

It's a very odd issue because no errors are logged anywhere in the Windows event logs and we have combed through everything. 

Has anyone seen anything like this?

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