Will the Surface Duo Emulator support the new Apple M1 chip?

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Hi team,

maybe this question is already obsolete but is there any roadmap when the Surface Duo emulator will support the ARM M1 Chip from Apple?


I know from Android-devs that the Google's emulator is still not natively supported and it's very very slow.


To be fair, I haven't set up my Duo development setup yet, but maybe some of you have already tried it.



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@tscholze our emulator image uses the Android SDK, so Surface Duo emulator users will have the same experience as other Android developers. I haven't tested it specifically but we'll be watching Google's progress.

Hi @Craig_Dunn 

thanks for the follow up. I just tested it and its more than just slow, it's unusable. I hope Google will release a M1 variant of its emulator as soon as possible.