UI concept question: Can the detail page of a master/detail pattern become the new master page?

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Hi folks,

I've a Xamarin.Forms master/detail page pattern applied to my Surface Duo app.


Current scenario

On the left side are mutliple selectable list items, on the right, the detail of the select item will be shown.


New scenario

The user should be able to take notes of each detail item. That requires a new mutli line text area which is related to the detail's content.


The questions

Whats the best ui / ux pattern to update the app's canvas for this new scenario on a dual screen device?


Idea 1:

The detail page become the new master and shifts to the left while on the right side the note taking page will appear. 

This becomes really hard in page transitions and animation and it will break the learned user behavior of "left master, right detail"


Idea 2:

The screens of the Surface Duo are huge compared to e.g. an iPhone screen. That's why I could split the detail page in two vertical segments. The top one is still the content page and the bottom one will become the note taking part


Idea 3:

Do not use the the dual screen feature at all and present it modally above the master page. That would enable the user to see the detail content on the correct right side.

But this would display features of the detail page on the master page's side.


Thanks for your opinions!


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My vote (not a UX designer :-)) would be to move detail over and use the entire right screen for note taking. Then move the content back when done taking notes. This is the kind of thing that some companies spend weeks and tons of money researching with real people coming into a UR lab and going through exercises with these various ideas and the scoring them. These user's interactions are video taped and analyzed to death to find out if there is a "best" way for most users. :) The rest of us without such resources just have to use common sense. :)