Surface Neo has been now officially delayed until further notice, is the Surface Duo still on track?

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Hi team,

I just read that the Surface Neo has been delayed until further notice. It's a big boomer because I invested a lot of time in refreshing my UWP skills. And time is limited.


That's why I have to ask, is the Surface Duo still on track? I know it will be also delayed but not that much and not "forever".


@Hakon_Strande, and all others I love your work, I love your effort, but please be fair to us and tell us the truth. 

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@tscholze There are no changes to the Surface Duo plans shared in the product reveal last year. We are excited about how it is turning out and working long hours to get it ready.

I would like to know when will the Surface Neo be available?
Never, it was graveyard-ed by Microsoft a couple of month ago. :'(