Still no AMD support?

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Went through all the steps in the last blog post only to get to the end and read AMD wasn't supported. Is there any plans or timeline for AMD support?

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Hi @Brothernod 

the emulator relies on HyperV. According to Microsoft Docs pages this requires a 64-bit Intel processor or AMD Ryzen CPU with Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) .


If you have a Ryzen, it should work, should'nt it?

@tscholze This page explicitly states "AMD processors are not supported at this time. Nested virtualization is required to run Windows 10X in the emulator and Windows does not yet support this on AMD processors. Stay tuned!"


So I was hoping the latest build fixed that.

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@Brothernod that's true for the Windows X emulator which requires a Windows 10 Pro, Hyper V, etc.


You are writing in a Surface Duo forum, that's why I think you are wanna launching the Surface Duo emulator which does not require this. You "just" need a Ryzen CPU to launch the Android Emulator. :)

@tscholze I legit thought they were the same thing... ::sigh:: thank you for setting me straight :)

@Brothernod you are welcome :)