[Reminder] Surface Duo development is for everyone!


Yesterday I posted a blog+sample about building dual-screen games with Unity, and it seemed like a good time to revisit all the different tooling that can be used to target Surface Duo:


  • Kotlin & Java (of course) can be used to build dual-screen Android apps using our SDK.
  • C# & XAML can be used with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms (blog, docs). You can build apps that target the Surface Duo, while also running on iOS, Windows, macOS, and other platforms! Related products like Uno and Blazor Native even let you run on the web.
  • Unity games can be built with C# using the sample I mentioned above.
  • React Native apps using JavaScript or TypeScript can be optimized for dual-screens, check out this repo.
  • Flutter/Dart can also be used, with these tips from the community.

The first step is to download the Surface Duo emulator preview. Once it's installed and up-and-running it should fit into your existing development workflow.


Let us know what you build!

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We added another blog post yesterday, with more details on getting started with React Native




JavaScript and TypeScript developers can take advantage of two packages to help with their dual-screen app development: DualScreenInfo and TwoPaneView. These are almost identical to what's available to Xamarin cross-platform developers, so no matter which tools you use, you can build great apps for the Surface Duo!

@Craig_Dunn Great work! Thanks for sharing it. :)