Pill bar Drag to Hinge not User Friendly

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In order to test a two pane app with the Surface Duo Emulator, most of my time is spent trying to drag the Pill bar to the hinge.  Is there a shortcut?  Am I missing something?  


Device/SDK awareness of a two pane app is a necessary feature.


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@Fritz_S there is no built-in shortcut, however it's possible to "automate" it using ADB. For example


adb shell input touchscreen swipe 675 1780 1350 1500 3000


will 'swipe' the pill from the left-screen (with 3 seconds elapsed). I used the dimensions page to guesstimate the coordinates. The last parameter (milliseconds) is important, if it's absent (or too short) the gesture is interpreted differently and the window is "thrown" over to the other screen!


Hope that helps!



Thanks, that makes development a bit easier.  Targeting and swiping with an older machine and mouse was a read "drag".