I have an idea that could come in handy in SDuo 2.

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SDuo seems great to me but new things are always good.

Imagine that you can have a thumb mouse, and control de up screen without touching it, but the mouse will be in the screen, the input lag needs to be very low at that way the customer will have a great experience, just imagine laying down in your bed with your cell phone enjoying and have the opportunity to reach everything without moving your hands, because you have a mouse that works very well, also a lightly magnetism thing that helps you to reach available clicking zones, will give a bost.

When clicking, you would only have to tap with your other thumb, that would give more fluidity and a new sensation.

For applications and pages make certain bars that you can slide and go down the page.
Managing the pages or application with gestures would be another solution to navigate through Instagram for example or in Excel when it comes to work.
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@RicardoLuisR great idea. You can get a similar game experience today - check out this article:



I didn't knew about that but looks great! That's what y mean, imagine that you can manage all the apps at that way, just like an alternative would be nice and comfortable