[Feature request] Introduce helper to determine if an Xamarin.Forms app runs on a Duo device

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The large screens of the Duo are able to present more information than any other "single" screen Android device.


That's why I need to know if the app is running on a Surface Duo or not. In my optionen, please correct me if this feature already exists, a simple member provided by the SDK that indicatates if it is running on a Duo would be great.


Example extension


public static class DualScreenInfoExtensions
    public static bool IsDuo(this DualScreenInfo dualScreenInfo)
        return DualScreenInfo.Current.HingeBounds.Width != 0;



Example usage

For example to show a multi column layout for "is a Duo" and a single column layout for "is not a Duo"


    SecondColumnWidth = new GridLength(1, GridUnitType.Star);
    SecondColumnWidth = new GridLength(0, GridUnitType.Absolute);


I also created an issue in the Xamarin Surface Duo samples repository.


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Hey @tscholze, I also posted on the samples issue, but I recommend this request go on the Xamarin.Forms open-source repo, as it will be most visible to the team.