App shifted towards right in landscape RTL mode

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When the device is in landscape with RTL mode, the app got shifted towards right. Because of which all the touch points and areas are shifted which affects app behaviour.

Attaching screenshot for the Microsoft's Edge app.

I am trying these things on emulator, please let me know the same bug is there on real device or not.

Thank you.

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Hi @suyash0910 

you mean Right-To-Left text alignment like it's in the Arabic language?


It seems that the with is the same as on the other side with the bottom bar. Maybe the view is centered but only on one side is an actual bar. The same behavior has iOS if it is in landscape mode.


Sorry I cannot test it on a real device.

Hi @tscholze

Yes this behavior is for both the cases;

case 1: When we select Right-To-Left text alignment like Arabic languages (Attaching a video for the same)

case 2: When we select Right-To-Left mode from developer options in android (Already attached a screenshot)

Yes, width of the shifted area is looks similar as that of the bottom bar.


Hi @suyash0910 ,

hm ok. to be fair, I do not have any idea how it should look like in a RTL scenario. Maybe @Craig_Dunn can help us.

Can you share what app you are testing here, and also do you have a single-screen emulator screenshot for comparison? Do all screens have the issue, or just this screen?


Are you using the "Force RTL layout direction" Developer Option, or have you set the device to a RTL locale (and if so, which locale)?


Thanks - the more detail you can provide the better.

Hi @Craig_Dunn

I am using Microsoft Edge App for the testing. And facing this issue on both the screens.

This issue is for both the cases when we use "Force RTL layout direction" from Developer Options or we set RTL locale(any Arabic locale) on the emulator.




@suyash0910 thanks - we'll reproduce here and pass on to the support team.


One more question (which we'll test as well), I notice you have "three button navigation" enabled. Does the problem also appear with gesture-based navigation?