Surface Book and Bluetooth Surface Key disjoin

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I see some trouble with Bluetooth devices on my Surface Book. From time to time my Surface Book loses connection with my Surface Keyboard.

The problem then is maybe related to undock / dock Surface Books screen module from the graphic card / keyboard dock (btw that keyboard does not fail, it's connected via USB3.0 not Bluetooth)

It looks like as the timing could be a critical factor. Normally I do the undock and the docking very quick.

I come home with SB operates as Laptop. I want to chance for tablet mode. I press the release button, undock the display unit, turn it around and immediately dock it again. I recognize this could be to quick, an error shows in the device manager shows that SB con not use the Nvidia Graphic card, because removal was signaled but the removal has not happened.

Hmm, for sure I have turn the display. To quick? Also, afterwards I was not able to use my external Bluetooth Surface Keyboard.

As every time now, the trouble starts. To reconnect the keyboard, I need to delete the driver entries in the device manager. With a reboot I can pair the device. Without deleting the keyboard driver, the pairing is not successful. The pairing process starts, but the keyboard blinks forever after you have entered the 6-digit key and enter.

And now the end. If I can pair the devices, I have an increasing number of keyboards in the device manager. Every try adds one entry.




Any idea?




Tom Huth

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