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I'm loving my high resolution screen, but I'm seriously disliking the legacy support of applications that don't scale to the proper DPI, especially when switching between my 1080p Dell UltraSharp Monitors vs the SD and this huge resolution. 


A perfect example would be me remoting into Windows Server 2008 R2 on my SB directly through RDM (which doesn't work with DPI scaling apparently, or not well enough) - the screen is so small I can barely read it with my glasses.


Another example would be Microsoft's Skype for Business - this is an in house program and it still doesn't scale properly (and is extremely annoying to use) without locking the app compt flag registry key down so that it can't be overwritten.

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The fix for this is actually coming. It didn't make it into the Anniversary Update branch, but it should be there soon. We covered it briefly at Ignite during a session I filmed with Michael Niehaus





Thank you for the link to the clip and bravo! This is the one part of Ignite I got to miss apparently due to a conference call at the wrong time. 


Is this something that other developers are going to have to account for? The biggest offender I'm dealing with now is RDM (Remote Desktop Manager) and Windows itself (see screenshot) where when I dock/undock my SB, I have to restart the computer each time (which seems silly).



This fix provides the API for apps to build this into their UI design. As I understand it, you need both the Windows update and the app update. I experience(d) this primarily on Skype for Business. I can confirm this fix is in for my current config : SfB is 16.0.7531.1003 and I happen to be running Windows Insider 14931, but I believe this fix is also in current branch production 1607 with all updates applied.

I can confirm that Sfb 16.0.7329.1017 also has this fix (it actually caught me off guard).


Hi Jeremy,

This is a bit of an older thread, but feel it needs ressurection. While *some* apps like SfB were fixed in the update mentioned, what is the plan for the rest of them? Primarily, IE11.