Getting The Best Performance Out of Surface Book 965m

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I originally posted this as a comment to the Microsoft Mechanics video, but I think this may be a better spot to find members of the Surface Team: 


When I first start stressing the 965m, I see it running at it's normal max boost clock (like my desktop 970 does). However, around when the chip reaches 70c (though not exactly, I have a feeling this is linked to a separate sensor) the system decreases the clock to around 800-1000mhz in order to keep the temperature from rising further (presumably to keep the surface that comes in contact with people's laps at a reasonable temperature). Is it possible to disable this (as I don't use it on my lap and GPUs are built to withstand temperatures in the 80s) or to turn up the GPU fans? I've spent hours trying to figure this out so I can unlock those extra 200mhz I see for the first minute or so.