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Feb 15 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Detaching Surface Book 2 is still not possible




I have already opened a few UserVoice entries that detaching my SB2 device is not possible. I get the below error:


The issue is there, because in the nVidia settings I had to choose the High-performance nVidia processor as the preferred graphics processor:


And force Teams (for example) to use the same:



This due to the overheating issue (see Yammer thread:


At this point, however, I need to manually shoot down all applications, some from the Task manager, or else detach is not possible. I understand that ripping out the GPU from a process is not nice, but given that processes can recover when the video driver crashes, this should be still doable. If needed, crash the driver on purpose during detach.


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@Zsolt Illes I've moved your question to the Surface Book space. If you have any more Surface Book questions, please post them here instead of the Microsoft Edge Insiders Discussions space.


Thanks for flagging, @HotCakeX