Cortana x 3. When u have multiple Cortana's

Cortana x 3. When u have multiple Cortana's



 May 11 2019
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When you have an Invoke speaker and a laptop open. Asking the Cortana on your computer to open programs is a breeze. However you also have to hear your Invoke speaker say that this is a a skill it can not complete. I wish like 3 humans in a room Cortana had the ability to understand that a question asked is directed towards the voice assistant that can execute the process. A hierarchy in the listening process between the Cortana's
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With the echo devices, it recognized which you are closest to. But I think the speakers need to be linked. Which would be nice since I have two invokes so if I ask to play music everywhere like on an echo, the music could be played on all speakers. 

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Upvoting this too, neat suggestion!

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