Cellartracker connected service

Cellartracker connected service



 Apr 13 2019
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I know Eric Levine the creator of cellartracker wants to integrate AI and he's receptive to Cortana. This connected service would cause a seismic **bleep** in adoption of Cortana. Wine has shaped history. This partnership with cellartracker would be huge. If you need help... Just ask...
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I agree lets add this.
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Additionally, you should reach out to the DriveMode devloper on ios/android as they are using their app to tether to the google TTS.STT engines to mimic how cortana worked on WM with out really knowing that is what they have done. A deeper cortana intergration for them would remove the limitations they are facing all they would need is for cortana to be an optional TTS or STT install in android.
I would LOVE to see Cortana powered by AI, she is, after all, modeled after a Halo AI. It seems like a smart way to enhance her utility and capabilities. The common idea that now all Cortana is for is to say "Hey, Cortana, ask Alexa..." is a sad defeat from Microsoft who had a big head start with Cortana, and allowed her adoption to shrivel into irrelevance. I would like to see this trend reversed, and I would like to see Cortana-Powered, AI Powered, Bing and MSN News powered Home devices to compete with Amazon, Google, Facebook, and also Apple.
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Microsoft needs to improve consumer side of the Cortana as much as they are improving enterprise side of it.

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