This Imagine Cup team gives you the power to manipulate time and see the future

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First published on MSDN on Oct 27, 2016

In their game “Timelie,” Imagine Cup Team PH21 from Thailand puts you in control of a woman and girl as they try to escape from a research lab.

The four student developers that make up Team PH21 met while collaborating on computer engineering projects at Chulalongkorm University in Thailand. Their game started as a senior project, but when it was time to register for Imagine Cup 2016, they decided to challenge themselves. They set out to design a video game with a play style unlike anything else currently in the market, even though they didn’t have a lot of experience with game design.

Their imagination took Team PH21 to the Imagine Cup World Finals earlier this year.

The truth about “Timelie”

The PH21 developers used Unity to design the game, Visual Studio to build it and Microsoft Azure to manage player saves and populate leaderboards.

“Timelie” combines stealth, puzzles and story to propel players through the game, which people will be able to play on most smartphones. Players must safely move the main characters through each level while avoiding enemies or other obstacles. Using the characters’ abilities – one character uses a stolen device to see the near-future while the other manipulates time – players can determine and map the safest route through a level.

The trick, says PH21 team members, is that the outcome of each puzzle changes depending on what action the player takes.

Game dev dreams

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it’s easier than ever to turn your awesome ideas into actual games. And if you sign up for Imagine Cup 2017 , your idea could land you the experience of a lifetime.


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