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First published on MSDN on Apr 09, 2015

At the Imagine Cup we are committed to empowering students around the globe to reach their dreams using technology. Year after year we are blown away by the innovative ideas that you bring to the competition as well as the intense dedication and hard work from your teams. The competition puts all of you to the test, from the National Finals that are just coming to a close, to the World Semifinals that are about to begin. You rise to the occasion and push yourself to the limit all while getting invaluable insight to bring your project to the next level. Where do you dream your idea will go?

For one winning 2015 Imagine Cup team you and your idea will go in front of Satya Nadella , the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. He too dreamt big when he was a student in Hyderabad, India and it was with the same intense dedication and hard work that he ended up at the helm of a global technology leader. His vision and innovative ideas will continue to bring Microsoft to the next level and change the technology landscape around us all. It could be you and your team that gets a mentoring session with Satya Nadella to share your idea and get feedback and guidance on your project. We are extremely grateful to share this with the Imagine Cup students as it is truly an opportunity of a lifetime!

The opportunities at the Imagine Cup 2015 don’t stop there!

Every team that advances to the World Finals will spend a week in Seattle during Microsoft’s OneWeek, a weeklong celebration of Microsoft people, products and ideas.

During that week you will live and breathe the life of a technologist. You’ll get plenty of support in preparing your presentation and demo skills for the big event along with multiple chances to pitch to Microsoft employees. You will also be one of the few people in the world to experience and develop for the Microsoft HoloLens during a student hackathon. You will experience the future of holographic computing and software development first hand and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

The Imagine Cup World Final 2015 will be broadcast live to the world with hundreds of students and thousands of Microsoft employees in attendance. We’ve got more surprises to come as the date approaches so please stay tuned. Imagine Cup is not only about the software you develop – it’s the experience and all of the opportunities that it affords. So this is my call to you, students of the world; work hard, dream big, and give it everything you have for it could be you and your team that takes the Imagine Cup home!

Pablo Veramendi
Imagine Cup Competition Manager
Microsoft Student Developers
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