Microsoft Student Partners to play pivotal role in bringing the Hour of Code to the next generation of developers
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First published on MSDN on Nov 06, 2014

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently announced that the company will take a lead role in bringing the Hour of Code to millions of youth around the globe during Computer Science Education Week from Dec. 8 - 14. What a perfect opportunity for our Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) to showcase their expertise!

MSPs from campuses across the globe will be volunteering to teach students in middle schools, high schools and learning centers to help bring the Hour of Code to 100 million youth during this historic event. Our MSPs have firsthand knowledge of how computer science skills can provide vast opportunities and are excited to help expose the next generation of developers to the art of computer science.

Many of our 7,000 MSPs will teach an Hour of Code using tutorials created by the Microsoft Learning Experience Academic Product team. One of those tutorials is an activity that uses the TouchDevelop coding tool, an easy-to-use visual game that teaches basic coding logic and gives students hands-on practice building and fixing games. During this Hour of Code activity, students will be asked to help fix a fun and simple game called “Jetpack Jumper,” that challenges players to guide a robot through a maze of wacky obstacles.

MSPs are already technology rock stars on their campuses. They help with product demonstrations, running tech clubs, and training their fellow college students. As the world awakens to the incredible opportunities coding can bring to young people, the MSPs are excited to take part in this historic event that promotes passing on these valuable tools.

Alexander Wennerstrom (pictured right), a Student Partner in Denmark, will teach an Hour of Code to students as young as nine-years-old during the week-long event. He learned to program from experienced developers and said it is important to pay it forward and use this opportunity to help other young people see the value in computer science education.

“By helping them, I am secure in the knowledge that the skills I have learned will be passed on, and then hopefully passed on again when the time comes,” Wennerstrom said.

We can’t think of any better mentors than our MSPs to help give back to the next generation of creative thinkers. They will participate in Hour of Code events across the globe from Dec. 8 to 14. Find out more and learn how you can be a part of this momentous event, whether you want to learn, teach or offer support.

Also, be sure to tune into a live broadcast on Channel 9 of an Hour of Code, which you can follow along from home or the classroom at 9 a.m. PT on Dec. 8. This live broadcast will feature Sage Franch, a Microsoft Student Partner and Technical Evangelist intern, and Susan Ibach, a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada. Or you can watch it later on-demand on Microsoft’s Channel 9 . We hope you’ll join us!

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