Meet the Project Blueprint Winners!
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First published on MSDN on Jan 28, 2014
I'm very proud to announce the winners of the Project Blueprint Challenge !

Hundreds of teams of students from dozens of countries around the world competed in this contest. Each team took a long, hard look at their Imagine Cup project and produced a document that really spelled out what they were making: their concept, target audience, early feedback they've received, competitors, user personas, top user stories, business model, and core technologies.

At Imagine Cup we believe in the power of learning through competition. These students really rose to the challenge, delving deep into their work and really thinking through their project. I'm extremely pleased at the quality of the results.

As with our Pitch Video Challenge , we chose ten winning teams in each of our three Imagine Cup categories of Games, World Citizenship, and Innovation. The best team in each category receives $3,000 and all other teams receive an Honorable Mention. All teams receive certificates of victory, Imagine Cup lapel pins, and useful feedback on their project by our global panel of industry judges.

Many teams who competed in our Pitch Video Challenge also returned to compete in Project Blueprint. Four of our Pitch Video winners also won Project Blueprint including Team Life Up from Brazil, who went from Honorable Mention in Pitch Video to winning the World Citizenship category this time!

The winners of the Imagine Cup Project Blueprint Challenge are:

World Citizenship Category

First Place: Can Game by Team Life Up, Brazil

Team Life Up was very successful in the Imagine Cup 2013 Brazil National Finals and they also earned an Honorable Mention in our recent Pitch Video Challenge. Now they've taken first place with Can Game, a Kinect-based game for helping autistic children learn math, motor, and social skills. Life Up has tested their prototype with real kids, collected valuable feedback, and improved their project greatly. For ongoing improvement, rigorous discipline, and thorough documentation of their progress, we are very proud to award Team Life Up from Brazil the first prize of $3,000 in the World Citizenship category.

Games Category

First Place: Liaison by Liaison Team, Brazil.

Liaison is an ingenious game about the friendship between a boy and his dog as they explore a challenging landscape of puzzles and adventures. Each has different abilities and they have to work together to solve the puzzles, but the farther apart they get the darker the world becomes. For presenting a great game concept in a thoroughly researched and prepared document, we are very proud to award Liaison Team from Brazil the first prize of $3,000 in the Games category.

Innovation Category

First Place: YouBeRu by YouBeRu, Denmark

An innovative project with the potential to disrupt an established field, YouBeRu provides a new way of collecting real-time data on runners in marathons, triathlons, and other competitive movement sports in ways that can provide new insights for professionals and new excitement for fans. For the clever use of technology in a worldwide sport, we are very proud to award Team YouBeRu from Denmark the first prize of $3,000 in the Innovation category.

Honorable Mention

Games Honorable Mention:

Team: Genesis
Nation: Greece
Project: Dementia
Dementia is a session-based massive multiplayer turn based strategy game with puzzle and rpg elements. Explore a house with a group of 6 people, a random individual becomes a traitor, experience over 100+ branching scenarios, every time you play.

Team: Ideators
Nation: India
Project: Just Born
The game's objective is to spread awareness about female feticide and infanticide while making sure that it's remarkably fun to play.

Team: Quad-Core
Nation: Sri Lanka
Project: Terra-Point
Using NFC-enabled mobile phones, players roam a real-world scavenger hunt.

Team: Red Null
Nation: United States
Project: Mad Scientist Melee
Mad Scientist Melee is a unique mobile phone party game for for 2 to 8 players where you compete with your friends to become the most powerful mad scientist by combining DNA sequences (cards) to create the strongest monster and destroy your opponents.

Team: Static Games
Nation: United Kingdom
Project: Starmada
Starmada is a space themed, turn-based strategy game designed with Windows Phone as the lead platform. Team Static Games also received an Honorable Mention in our Pitch Video Challenge.

Team: Stonegaard
Nation: Denmark
Project: Battle Crest
We're making an online turn-based middle age-Europe strategy Windows 8 app-game called Battle Crest.

Team: Team Fission
Nation: United States
Project: Tetraverse
Tetraverse is a tile based sandbox RPG for Windows set in a procedurally generated universe which aims to entice players with compelling creative mechanics, setting, and adventure. Team Fission also received an Honorable Mention in our Pitch Video Challenge.

Team: The Smoking Brains
Nation: France
Project: Rust
A steampunk puzzle-adventure game based on solving intricate mechanical puzzles using scavenged parts.

Team: Unchained
Nation: Brazil
Project: Quilombo
Quilombo is a game about the fight for the freedom of African slaves on Brazil on the 17th century. Team Unchained also received an Honorable Mention in our Pitch Video Challenge.

World Citizenship Honorable Mention:

Team: Eyenaemia
Nation: Australia
Project: Eyenaemia
A non-invasive method of detecting anaemia.

Team: High Rise
Nation: Nigeria
Project: Catara Solution
Enables very early detection of cataracts using an HD webcam and a Windows Phone app.

Team: Hitos
Nation: Colombia
Project: NUI Care
A cloud-based platform for connecting doctors and patients with their records and enabling remote consultations.

Team: IceBreakers
Nation: India
Project: CallOut
A digital “panic button” for Windows Phone that transmits your location and live audio in the event of kidnapping, assault, or other peril.

Team: Lok-I
Nation: Poland
Project: Smart Eye
A mobile app relying on inexpensive Bluetooth beacons placed at points of interest around public facilities such as museums or libraries to help the visually impaired navigate such spaces.

Team: Memuris
Nation: Hong Kong SAR
Project: Notetaker
A cloud platform for distributing lectures and educational content in developing regions.

Team: Nibble
Nation: Romania
Project: Commemoro
Provides more independence for patients with Alzheimer's. We want to make “living well with Alzheimer's” more than a quotation, but an attainable goal.

Team: Tupi
Nation: Brazil
Project: Protest Guardian
A mobile app that uses GPS tagging to mark hotspots of governmental failure or oppression for crowd-sourced awareness and activism.

Team: We-Care
Nation: Kenya
Project: HIV/AIDS Management Suite
A cloud based system providing real-time statistics on HIV/AIDS. Helps governments and other healthcare stakeholders make informed decisions with up-to-date data.

Innovation Honorable Mention:

Team: Lumen
Nation: Romania
Project: Lumen
3D scanning headset that helps translate the physical world for the visually impaired.

Team: Marianopolis Brainstorm
Nation: Canada
Project: Mass Assaying Relating Inquiring Survey Apparatus
A system that surveys a disaster zone and provides information regarding victims and hazards in the area to rescue crews can perform their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

Team: Men of Real
Nation: Slovakia
Project: Real Deal
A hardware-software solution for realtors to create simple 3D scans of housing interiors for remote browsing by prospective buyers.

Team: Rubicon
Nation: Sri Lanka
Project: PT Desk
Enables parents and teachers to meet by video and review student records together.

Nation: India
Project: Traffic Shipra
A road map that optimizes routes for the vehicle's type, whether it is 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler, based on both travel time and fuel efficiency.

Team: ShopEx Mobile
Nation: United States
Project: ShopEx Mobile
A mobile app that stores all your retailer rewards/loyalty card data and enables location-based special offers based on your location and history.

Team: Spiffy Circuit
Nation: United Kingdom
Project: Rondo
Connects nearby Rondo users for spontaneous chat, GPS-based games, and other location-based activities.

Team: UMD Ucrew
Nation: United States
Project: College Navigator
An app for helping college freshmen navigate their new campus and get to class on time.

Team: Vortex
Nation: Sri Lanka
Project: Spark Planner
A mobile app for goal setting that allows users to set mini-goals and provides them with the motivation necessary to achieve them.

Congratulations to all of our winners. And indeed, to all the teams worldwide who competed in this contest. Great work, one and all!

Interested in competing in another great Imagine Cup contest? Check out our User Experience Challenge (deadline: February 21) and our Windows & Windows Phone Challenge (deadline: April 30)!
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