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First published on MSDN on May 27, 2015

Want to learn to code? Know someone who does? Microsoft Imagine has just launched our new website and we’ve got a bunch of great learn-to-code kits suitable for beginners of any age. They use free visual coding software such as Kodu Game Lab , TouchDevelop and Project Spark to help anyone get started.

Each of these kits enables you to make your first game, app or school project in about 30 minutes. We’ve got some great kits to get you started and more are coming every month:

  • Kodu Kart: Randomize power-up spawns

Kart racers in this game need an extra edge with randomized power-ups you can code

  • Brick Breaker: Knock ‘em down with your code

Create an agile paddle for the player to knock out bricks with the ball

  • The Warrior’s Crucible: Craft an epic weapon with code

Select the perfect materials to craft an epic weapon

  • CompatiMatch: Create an app, make a match

Analyze names to find a future friend

  • Magic Ball: Add custom art, answers and sounds

Enhance the experience with random answers and touch controls

  • Doodle Guesser: Drawn in with just a touch

Make a doodle-guessing game and draw in different colors

  • Air Delivery: Code flight controls and carry cargo

Time is running out, so help players liftoff and fly

  • Mini Golf: Code special putting shots on pickup

Help players grab the ball and make special shots

  • Predation or Starvation: Defense against pests

Maintain a tricky balance between cabbage production, predators and prey

Visit our new website and explore all the great coding kits, free software and more to begin your coding journey today!

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