Congratulations to our next Student Partner Group + new Gold milestone recipients!

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Editor's note: The following post was written by the Student Partner Global Program Manager Pablo Veramendi


In September 2019, I announced some exciting changes to the Microsoft Student Partner program to further enable our on-campus leaders to make an impact in their local communities through hosting workshops, mentoring fellow students, and building unique skills to take forward into their own career journey. It’s been incredibly exciting to see how our first group of Student Partners for the 2019/2020 program year have leveraged their passions to empower those around them and inspire social good in their communities through technology.


In December, hundreds of Student Partners from across the globe joined forces to follow their passion to help skill over 5,000 students via the MSP Virtual Call, with content ranging from deploying a web app to an intro to quantum computing to career tips. What a powerful and inspirational way to leverage the power of tech to connect students, build community, and share knowledge on a global scale!




And this is just one example of the amazing way Student Partners are making a difference. Student Partners have hosted hundreds of events in their communities over the last few months, and I thank each of you for your commitment and passion. I’ve loved following Student Partner initiatives:


MSP1.png msp2.png
MSP3.png MSP4.png
msp5.png msp6.png


And I know that our next group of Student Partners will be just as impressive! Congratulations and welcome to all who’ve been selected, we can’t wait to have you join our global community and see all the amazing events and learning you’ll inspire as you live out your passions.


Additionally, I’d like to congratulate our first group of Gold Student Partners. This elite group of Student Partners have gone above and beyond leading in their communities and motivating fellow Student Partners to make a difference. They have been selected to become Student Partner Program Regional Leaders who will help recruit and mentor future Student Partners, will gain special access to events, and have the potential to be invited to become Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.


Apply today!  

If you’re passionate about using tech to make a difference in the world around us, eager to help your fellow students, and want to build your skills while leading in your community, we want to hear from you! Applications for the Student Partner program are open, and the next group of Student Partners will be announced in April 2020. Apply today!

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Congratulations to everyone! It's an honour to be part of such an amazing community. And I have said this countless times to people, don't worry if you weren't selected, what matters is your impact, not the number of people, even if you can help one person, I think that's what matters, at least that is how my goals align for my personal and professional life. Looking forward to seeing more people joining the program, and working with all of you in the future! :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Congrats to you all .

I hope that you use this opportunity to learn from a vast amount of resources and also empower others in your community

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Congrats to all hoping for great collaborative events ahead...

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Congratulations ! To you and welcome in this greatest community !


Congratulations to the new MSP and the MSPs that achieved Gold level. 

I was privilege to have joined the MSP Sessions on 28 & 29 December coordinated by special young people with passion for technology and sharing of knowledge. Its was a learning curve and lot of interesting information and knowledge was share during this sessions.


The MSP is great program and I am a great support of this great program. Looking forward interacting more and collaborating with the MSP as we impact the global citizens. our Microsoft Mission is very relevant "To Empower every Person and Every Organisation on the Planet to Achieve More"  and your work is helping us to realise our mission.... 

All the best for 2020 and I am here to support you all...……. 

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@Sandile Mahlaba so glad that you tuned in. Thank you for doing so. We love doing it and this is only the start. Thank you for being so kind and supportive!

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We are thrilled to have new MSPs join this community of student leaders, can't wait to see the impact you make in your local communities


Congratulations to the Gold MSPs

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