Announcing the 6 Teams Competing to Win the Canadian Finals of Imagine Cup 2018 on May 26 in Vancouver!
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First published on MSDN on Apr 25, 2018

In alphabetical order, here are the 6 projects that have been selected as finalists to participate in the live pitch competition at the Canadian Finals of Imagine Cup 2018.

A big thank you to all 24 teams of student developers that submitted a project for Imagine Cup 2018 and congratulations to the 6 finalist teams!

Register to attend the Canadian Finals in Vancouver on May 26: AKA.MS/IMAGINE2018

Project Project Description
Abata Lyrics Extractor Our product is able to extract lyrics from (amateur and professional) cover songs on YouTube in order to match them to the original work.
CheaprEats CheaprEats is a mobile app service with payment integration allowing students at post-secondary institutions to pre-order and pickup their food. Customers recieve high discounts on leftover food while earning loyalty points per order or delivery.
Hachy Enable easy and efficient smart egg candling for farmers and consumers.
Muma, Music Matching AI Muma is a music matching service that can help identify music usage online to capture more revenue for its customers. Muma aims to improve the music industry for music makers and music listeners alike.
SeeMe An affordable, intelligent system to track elderly in their home and report/analyze possible issues.
smartARM A robotic hand prosthetic for amputees, using computer vision to identify objects and trigger the most appropriate grip.

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