The Storage Replica Video Series: Provision and Manage Server-to-Server Replication in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2

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First published on TECHNET on Jun 04, 2015
Hi folks, Ned here again. We are a few days into my new video series on Storage Replica in Windows Server 2016 TP2 . Look back a few posts to see what I’ve covered already . Today it’s provisioning and observing a server-to-server replication partnership using Windows PowerShell.

The thing that rubs me raw about a lot of replication technology – even ones that I own, like DFSR– is that setting them up takes too many steps. A single command should be enough. Moreover, we should be able to easily tell what replication is doing, with one command. And the event logs and performance counters should be clear, concise, and intuitive. I don’t want to “learn to ignore” certain messages.

The demo video today shows me configuring replication for the first time between a pair of servers; there’s no cluster here, just a couple of machines in a pair of sites that I want to protect with synchronous replication. Then I poke around a bit for state, health, and history.

Engage the Stereopticon, Smithers!

I wonder if a nose job would help? Too many punches to the face in my youth…

There you go, some Windows PowerShell and status messaging so simple that you could teach your grandmother. She’d bake you cookies and tell her bridge club what a nice young engineer you turned out to be. Then it’s off to the slots, Granny gots to get paid!

Tune in tomorrow for more server-to-server replication management.

Until next time,

- Ned “Now that I think about, I should have added Jake animations to these flicks” Pyle

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