The Basics of the Windows Server 2008 Distributed File System (DFS)
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First published on TECHNET on Mar 10, 2009
Jose Barreto has a new blog post covering the basics of the Distributed File System (DFS) in Windows Server 2008, which offers users simplified access to a set of file shares and helps administrators easily maintain the file server infrastructure behind those file shares, including options for load sharing, replication and site awareness.

This detailed post, including several screenshots and diagrams, is divided into a series of topics:

  • Overview
  • Many File Servers and File Shares
  • Adding the DFS Services
  • DFS Namespaces
  • Creating a Namespace
  • Adding Folders to the Namespace
  • Multiple Targets
  • DFS Replication
  • Configuring Replication
  • DFS Tools
  • Conclusion
  • Links

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