Managing File Server Resource Manager quotas on multiple servers

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First published on TECHNET on Jan 03, 2007
A customer planning to deploy servers in remote offices asked us about centrally managing quotas using File Server Resource Manager (FSRM). With business requirements changing periodically, the customer needed an easy way to make updates across the servers. Georgi Matev, our FSRM program manager, responded as follows:

We do not have any built-in mechanisms for multi-machine management, but there are things that the customer can do to mitigate the burden:

  • It is possible to add the FSRM snap-in to a console multiple times and target it to different machines. This unfortunately does not eliminate the burden of carrying administrative operations on each machine.
  • The FSRM command line is scriptable and remoteable. The best bet for the customer is to create command line scripts that perform the management operations on all desired machines. For convenience and flexibility, the scripts can be parametrized, making it easy to change. The following blog post provides one such example


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