Identifying VSS hotfixes to install on new servers

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First published on TECHNET on Nov 08, 2006
A customer deploying a new server recently asked us which VSS hotfixes he should install. Turns out there are quite a few VSS hotfixes out there, and he asked if he needed to install them all in order or just a subset. Here’s the rundown of what to install, thanks to one of our support engineers:

887827 predates SP1, and is included in SP1.

891957, 910260, 911602 all update the same files with some exceptions:

  • 891957 updates srv.sys
  • 910260 updates ws03res.dll
  • 911602 updates files that are common to the two previous hotfixes

So at that point, you would need all three installed if you wanted the updates to srv.sys and ws03res.dll, which are included in two different hotfixes, AND you wanted the latest common vsVSSs files.

913648 updates srv.sys

923628 updates every other file in the previous update, except for srv.sys, which is not included.

So to have the sum of all updates (srv.sys, ws03res.dll, common vssfiles) you would need to install 910260, 913648, and 923628


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