Designing Software-Defined Storage with Windows Server – we’ve got a calculator and a doc for that
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First published on TECHNET on Jul 13, 2015

Feast your eyeballs on our new Software-Defined Storage Design Calculator and Design Considerations Guide! Be amazed at how designing a storage solution with Windows Server, Storage Spaces, and SOFS (Scale-Out File Server) can be simultaneously simplified with a colorful spreadsheet and concurrently complexified with a detailed guide to everything you wanted to know about Storage Spaces design, but weren’t afraid to ask (we’ve been getting a lot of questions…).

Your hosts for today’s blog are Josh Adams (Senior PM) and Jason Gerend (Senior Content Developer), and we’ll give you a little peek at our spreadsheet & document package and then send you out to go design some storage. So let’s begin.

First – go get the Software-Defined Storage Design Calculator spreadsheet. Once you’ve opened it in Excel, you should see the QuickDesign sheet, which lets you see several typical storage designs. Here’s what it looks like – pretty simple (as far as storage designs go anyway).

If you want to get into more detail or make changes to the design, click the AdvancedDesign sheet near the bottom of Excel. This sheet lets you start from one of the same templates and then customize the design to fit your particular requirements. Here’s what this sheet looks like – a bit more complex, but still something you can glance over.

Now’s when you’ll probably want to take a peek at the Software-Defined Storage Design Considerations Guide , which is definitely more complex, as you might imagine from a detailed design guide. It’s chock full of design help for each step in the spreadsheet (and then some), but still organized in a streamlined way that matches the workflow of the spreadsheet so that you can easily switch between them and not get bogged down in details.

That’s it for now - we hope you find them helpful, and thanks for joining us!

Josh Adams – Senior PM Manager

Jason Gerend - Senior Content Developer

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