Customizing file compression in DFSR on Windows Server 2008
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 26, 2008

Hello, Everyone

Ned Pyle just wrote a very interesting post on Customizing file compression in DFSR on Windows Server 2008. Here’s a quick excerpt:

When you added a file to a DFSR content set and it was at least 64KB in size, the DFSR service placed a copy of the file in the Staging folder. The file had an alternate data stream added that held the computed Remote Differential Compression (RDC) signatures. RDC is what allows DFSR to only replicate the parts of the file that have changed. But files were also compressed with a standard compression algorithm called XPRESS, which is similar to ZIP or RAR compression. Any files that ended up in staging were compressed with XPRESS unless they had an extension that was on this list. Since there was no point in trying to shrink files that were already compressed (like ZIP or JPG), we simply didn’t bother; it wasted disk and CPU resources after all. (…)

Fast forward to Windows Server 2008.

You guessed it – we can do this now and here are the steps.

To read the entire post, check AskDS blog.

-- Malu Menezes

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