Backup and Restore Center featured on Mojave experiment
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 04, 2008
Recently, Microsoft launched a Marketing experiment, taking 140 users who were afraid of Vista and showing them a new and unreleased Operating System, codename “Mojave”. The users were first asked to give a score from 1 to 10 for Vista, and the average score was 4.4. After seeing Mojave demo, customers rated Mojave an average of 8.5.

But Mojave was in fact, Vista!

The Mojave demo consisted in presenting 6 “cool Mojave features”:

· Backup and Restore Center
· Gadgets
· Media Center
· Index Function
· Compatibility
· Security

Backup and Restore Center is a feature included in Windows Vista that allows users to backup your files or even the entire System. If a disaster happens, you can perform a Restore Files or Restore Computer and easily have your data back. The demo also talks about Previous Versions, aka Shadow Copies, a feature that allows you to restore accidentally deleted or modified files to a previous point in time.

To see the Backup and Restore Center demo, go to the Mojave Experiment page, and click “What demos did we show them?”.


Explore the features: Windows Backup and Restore Center
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