A Windows PowerShell Cmdlet to get configs, health, and backlogs
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 09, 2015

Hi folks, Ned here again. Rudolf Vesley has provided everyone with great community tool for DFSR . Quoting time:

I decided to write Windows PowerShell Cmdlet (Advanced Function) to get report of configuration, status and health of Distributed File System Replication (DFS-R) in large enterprise environment (of course it is possible to use it for small deployment). I created this script because there are no native tools for such report and I did not find a single PowerShell script that would satisfy my needs.

Key concepts

  • The script is in PowerShell but the script does not use native DFSR module so it is possible to use it on system with any version of the DFSR module or even without this module.

  • The script was designed to never stop . That means that when there is an error on a single server or on a single replication group, folder or connection then script will log this error and continue with gathering data from other servers, connections, groups or folders.

  • It is possible to target script to a single main (hub) DFS-R server and count backlogs in both directions (from source to destination and from destination to source). Of course it is possible to target all servers and do not count these reverse backlogs.

Slick stuff to make your life easier and fill in the gaps. Get it here !

- Ned "sorry this took me so long, Rudolf!" Pyle

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