Worktables FROM Cache Ratio

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Hello. For some reason, one of my MS SQL 2019 runs shows that the "Worktable Ratio from Cache" is around "62%". I checked that no parameters were changed. My programmer says they don't change anything. Since I have no experience as a DBA, I would welcome any hint of what I might be research next.

In sys.dm_os_performance_counters i see 

Worktables From Cache Ratio 4964
Worktables From Cache Base 8002

I assumed there was not enough memory, but Buffer cache hit ratio is around 100%

Buffer cache hit ratio 14529
Buffer cache hit ratio base 14529

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And what exactly is the problem here? Do you have any performance or other issues?


No. There are no problems with performance, it just suddenly dropped from 92% to 62% after a reboot and does not rise. On other servers, this value also drops when rebooting, but gradually returns to normal. I'm afraid this is some kind of symptom.