Windows 10 VPN and SQL with Meraki VPN

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Hi, when our users connect to VPN (Windows 10 VPN on Meraki) they used to be able to access a client application on a SQL server host (also a Windows 10 Pro box)....but something recently happened on the host (uninstalled Norton security and it likely reset a bunch of stuff) and now client VPN users are no longer able to access that application....we can ping the SQL host from the client device after connecting to VPN but no longer access the application, so my guess its some Windows firewall port or protocol on the SQL server blocking the traffic when it sees the traffic coming in via VPN because it works fine within the network, and its not as permission issue as I put the same client device on the network and it can access the application without any issues.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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@redtechguyDid ever find a solution for this issue?  I'm having the same issue here and can find nothing that would be blocking the access.