Where to share BI User Group upcoming events?

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I hope you can help me out. I've set up a virtual BI User Group on meetup, and I hope to do webinars every 2 weeks, and the challenge for me now is to find SQL Server communities where I can share the events, so people actually know about it ;)


Sam (Microsoft Forum post) pointed me to Microsoft Power BI User Groups and I this is exactly what I'm after.


Is there anything similar for SQL Server or any SQL Server related website that accepts events related to SQL Server BI / Data Warehouse?


I've tried contacting SQLServerFAQ and SQL Pass BI User Group, SQL Pass (set up user group), but it seems it's not as easy to share an event as I thought it would be.


I would appreciate if you could share some websites or people who are willing to share upcoming events.


Many thanks in advance


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