What is the best option to migrate SQL Server on Prem to Azure SQL database ?

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I have On Prem SQL Server database which is 3 TB size. This historic database need to be live but will be used rarely for any auditing question. 
I wanted to migrate the database to Serverless Azure SQL Database (without managed instance or VM).
This will be one-off. What is the cost-effective method to migrate the database?
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Considering your specific requirements, migrating a 3 TB on-premises SQL Server database to a serverless Azure SQL Database in a cost-effective manner can be achieved using the following steps:

1. Perform an assessment of your on-premises database using tools like the Azure Database Migration Assistant (DMA). This will help identify any compatibility issues and provide recommendations for a successful migration.

2. Optimize your database by implementing data compression techniques and eliminating unnecessary data. This can help reduce the size of the database before migration.

3. Export your on-premises SQL Server database to Azure Blob Storage. This can be done using tools like SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or Azure Data Studio. Export the database as a BACPAC file, which is a logical backup of the database schema and data.

4. Transfer the exported BACPAC file to Azure using Azure Data Box. Azure Data Box is a physical appliance that allows you to securely transfer large amounts of data to Azure. This method is cost-effective for large database migrations and minimizes the time required for data transfer over the network.

5. Once the BACPAC file is transferred to Azure, import it into the serverless Azure SQL Database. You can use the Azure Portal, PowerShell, or Azure CLI to initiate the import process. Follow the provided instructions to complete the import.

6. : After the migration, monitor the performance and resource utilization of your serverless Azure SQL Database. Optimize the database configuration parameters and adjust the resource allocation as needed to ensure cost-effectiveness.

By following these steps, you can migrate your historic 3 TB on-premises SQL Server database to a serverless Azure SQL Database in a cost-effective manner. The use of Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Box helps minimize data transfer costs, and the serverless model allows for on-demand scalability and cost savings when the database is rarely accessed.