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How can I create a user who has access to only one database but has complete access to that database and can create and drop objects, select, insert and drop rows.

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@rlmariz you can do this by connecting to your SQL Server instance using SQL Server Management Studio, right-clicking on the Security folder, choose New > Login, fill in the user details, select the desired database. Under User Mapping, configure access settings, choose the db_owner role in the Database Role Membership section, and click OK to create the user.


Please note that the above steps will give the user complete control over the specified database and its objects.


You can read more at Microsoft Learn


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@rlmariz , more then easy, create that user and add him in the database of mind to the database role "db_owner", see

Database-Level Roles - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

As mentioned you grant db_owner right to a particular user for an specific database. Note that you won’t be able to see and handle sql server agent jobs