Upgrade Broke SQL and App Vendor Can't Fix It

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PC1 runs an accounting app successfully on SQL Express 2014. PC2 connects to PC1 to run the same app with the data residing on PC1. The app needed an upgrade that also required an SQL upgrade. SQL Express was successfully upgraded to 2022, and app was successfully upgraded to current. App works fine on PC1.


Ran the desktop setup for PC2 and it says successfully installed. But when I run the app on PC2, it cannot find the server. Tried to setup an ODBC connection w app tech support guidance, and it too failed. Otherwise everything on the network is fine. App tech support gave up. I know less than enough about SQL to be dangerous. Need guidance.

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@Mike Williams , that's really to less on informations to assist. You even didn't posted the complete message.

Can you ping PC1 from PC2? Can you access file share on PC1?

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