Updating a sql 2019 database from a sql 2000 database

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I have a local sql server 2000 database with an old application, and I would like to make a copy of this database on sql server 2019 which is online with an ip address on a hosting, and will be updated automatically and instantly by this old database .

Please suggest me a solution.

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@jassem40 , there is no direct way to upgrade version 2000 to 2019, you can only upgrade over max. 3 versions, mean 2000 => 2008, 2008 => 2014, 2014 => 2019.

Or you script everything = objects and data out to recreate and new database.



without upgrade the server, I don't need the other objects(stored procedure, trigger, etc.)
I use this method Data Import Wizard, but what I want if there is a solution so that my 10 tables updated on sql 2000 will also transfer the data automatically to 2019, I want to transfer only the data from 10 tables to the new 2019 server to use them for creating dashboards with power bi.

For updating SQL server 2000 to SQL server 2019, you can follow various steps.

1) First set up SQL server 2019 and access the SQL server instantly.
2)Take a back from server 2000 and transfer it from the machine to SQL server 2019. Also, restore backup on SQL server 2019 at proper destination database name.
Just need to have a specific requirements such as
a) SQL provides various replication issues to keep 2 databases synchronized.
b) Set up log shipping as it takes backup periodically from SQL Server 2000 and restore to SQL server 2019.
c) Modifying old application with specific code and track changes in SQL server 2000 and copy to SQL server 2019.

Using above all steps will you update your SQL Server 2000 database to SQL Server 2019