Unable to rollback the transaction

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Dear Experts! I'm looking for a solution to one of my problem. Following is the sequence of db calling initiated by Java.


Begin Tran -- Java Level
1. get balance from **_CUSTOMER_BALANCES
2. insert **table 1
3. insert **_table 2 
4. insert **_table 3

5. call procedure - UspInsertIntoTripReceiptTracker
6. call procedure - Update Customer balance after discount etc.
Commit Tran -- Java Level


*all are in Java transaction scope.


if some thing goes wrong at 6 i.e SP call, I wanted to rollback all previous DML's.


Currently, what happening is, 2,3 and 4 are rollbacking, they are direct queries executed by Java, but, not the DML's which are generated in 5 i.e SP call.


Pls advise.

Thanks in Advance!



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