two SSRS installed on Windows Server 2016

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On Windows Server 2016, SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 was originally installed.

It was used for Dynamics 365 CE on-premises.
Then SQL Server DBAs installed SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 on the same vm, turned off the SSRS 2012 and all was well.

Now we are wanting to uninstall SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 completely from the vm, and leave the intact, running SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 there.
When SQL Server DBA did an uninstall program on SQL Server Reporting Services 2012, it broke all of our Dynamics 365 CE on-premises' reports, even though SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 remained installed and running.
We reverted to the snapshotted backup of the vm and got back up and running.
What process should we use to uninstall SSRS 2012 from the vm but keep SSRS 2016 instace and our Dynamics CRM reports working?

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