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I work on a client project which consists in monitoring the time allocations of the employees. a file is extracted from the platform which allows the entry of times but this file does not appear as I would have liked (see attached file). I would therefore like to create an additional column in sql to indicate the name of the person who made the entry. How can I do it in sql (SSIS) (i already got the file in a sql table)

the attached file contains data of 2 persons

thank you for your help

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Hi @SABSLI --  What version of SQL Server are you using?  Also, I be misinterpreting your attached spreadsheet, but it appears to me that there is data for three individuals listed, not just two.


1.  Johnana Lama

2.  Rosalinda Riviere

3.  Patrick Lama


Or are you just wanting to ignore the data for the second person in the spreadsheet?

HI @bake13 

Thank you for your answer

i am using sql server 2017 standard edition 

effectively there is 3 persons on the file 

i've added in this msg the result that i want obtain (tab= result)


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Hi @SABSLI --  Apologies for the delay.  I think this can be accomplished using either a derived column or conditional split or some combination of the two.  This might be a bit challenging given the structure of the source data.


As soon as time permits, I will try to create an example package.

HI @bake13 


Thank you very much for your help


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Hi and good day:)


1)When I first read the original post: I saw some 'confusion' which you where helped for.

2)When I read the last post about derived column it made sense

3)Still there is a 2% chance of error.

4)Maybe you should reformulate question with new data points (2)


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