This is a question about sql server 2019 Enterprise Evaluation Edition.

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1. I understand that the trial version lasts 180 days. What happens after it expires? Can’t I use it at all??

I searched on the internet and it said that it will shut down within 1 hour when you turn it on. Is this correct?

2. I am using SQL server 2019 Enterprise Evaluation Edition, but the expiration date is not long. What I have is a standard license. Can I enter the standard key?

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After 180 days trial end , sql server service won't run and you can't use it, but if you have a product key you can do an Edition Upgrade and keep it using it. Follow this link that explains how to perform Edition Upgrade Process



but the expiration date is not long.

180 days = 6 month isn't long for you?

With a valid product key you can perform an Edition Upgrade, see

Upgrade to a different edition of SQL Server - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

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Thank you so much. Have a good day.

Thank you so much. Have a good day!!