T-SQL Fulltext Search serious errors and an intentional Lock (VIDEOS) for the Spanish and Catalan

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Pc:         Asus Intel 4 Cores I7 2.8Ghz uses Windows 10 64x with 12Gb of Memory.

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I have been working since 2017 on a program that uses synonyms to use them in T-Sql Fulltext Search.


I have encountered serious errors and problems and an intentional block by Microsoft to the Spanish and Catalan language (surely the block is in many more languages) but some people have told me that it works well in English and German.


Microsoft does not say at any time that they have blocked the technology for certain languages. On the contrary, they affirm that the product is fully functional for the wide list of languages, including Spanish and Catalan.


I've been explaining it on MSDN for years but Microsoft doesn't do anything and they don't respond.


Finally they told me that they were passing me to the technical manager of Microsoft in Spain. This person says, for more than a year, that he is working on problems but in reality he does nothing, he does not solve anything, everything is the same since 2008 and he has an obstructive attitude with a hateful ego.


There is no team of people working on FullText Search and it seems like it has been abandoned in 2008. There are no improvements and no one from Microsoft has been talking about FullText since 2008.


I have been seriously harmed because my program is not working properly due to these problems.


Sabotage of the Spanish and Catalan language: Freetexttable error with more than 3 words. Video: https://youtu.be/0WAAYn7Qr4M

I use Freetexttable with thousands of synonyms in a simple query. Upon entering up to 3 words, "Microsoft Sql Management Studio" instantly returns the result and the memory remains stable at 6Gb.

If I write 4 words, it is thinking for 10 minutes and the memory consumes up to 12 Gb and in the end the result returns well.



SELECT [Table].*, FT.* FROM [Table] INNER JOIN FREETEXTTABLE([Table], [Contenido], 'Word1 Word2 Word3') FT ON [Table].Id=FT.[Key] WHERE ([Table].STATE IS NULL OR [Table].STATE = ' ') ORDER BY RANK DESC, Page


Example of Serious Error: It does not return the Accents of the Synonyms and Microsoft understands that the letter "ñ" is the letter "n" with an accent. They are two different letters. Video: https://youtu.be/ON4Pc0gKQZo  


To retrieve the synonyms that have been entered in an Xml file, there are two possibilities: Return the synonyms "with distinction of accents" or "without distinction of accents".


In either case, the synonyms must always be returned as they have been written in the Xml file and the programmer is the one who must decide whether or not to remove the accents.


When "Return synonyms with accent distinction" is used, the synonyms are returned correctly, but only if the words that you have written requesting their synonyms are correctly accented. This option is correct, but it is not reliable. Is there someone who always accentuates correctly?


When "Return synonyms without distinction of accents" is used, it removes accents from all synonyms and converts the letters "ñ" to letters "n".


This option is not valid, because I need to know if the synonyms that I wrote in the Xml file contain the accents or not, because the same word can have two meanings if it has the accents or not and because it is necessary to have the real word well written their accents.


And there is no third option, so neither option is reliable.


For you to understand me, "España" (Spain) becomes "Espana", which is a word that does not exist.

Example command: SELECT * FROM Sys.Dm_Fts_Parser('FORMSOF(THESAURUS, cáñamo)', 3082, 0, 0); -> returns "canamo" (this word not exists).


In this Url I have indicated the list of problems, but nobody does anything:

"Full-Text Search" Sabotaged & Problems in Spanish & Catalan. Microsoft does not respond. 



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