Syncing local db with cloud db

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I have a web application that runs on SQL 2012 locally in the office, We have a virtual server in the cloud hosting a copy of the web application so management connects to it and run report the next day after a backup of the local db is restored on the cloud server.

How can i sync or replicate the local with the virtual server which will be near realtime.

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Hi @flashyjunior -- You don't mention which cloud the virtual machine is hosted in, but in the case of Azure you can use SQL Server transactional replication.

@bake13, thanks for the reply, its a virtual windows server with SQL 2014 installed on it

Hi @flashyjunior --  Ok, that is a supported replication architecture for SQL Server so from that perspective it would work.  Reference the replication matrix at the link below.


The next and most important step will be network connectivity between your on-premises network and your cloud provider virtual machine.  For Azure you have some options which are detailed at the link below.