SSRS Reports: Date Parameters not filtering report data

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I am working on SSRS Reports for which my source is a Tabular Model.  when I create a dataset , an MDX query is generated automatically. Now my requirement is that I want to add two date parameters (Start and end dates) using a date picker and use them to filter records. Also I do not have date dimension table in my model. All I have is different date fields in our base tables and so would apply this filter on any required date fields.

This works fine if I use filters on dataset using the date parameters. But the draw back is it fails on bigger data sets as SSRS try to fetch all the records and then applies the filters.

so I am looking for a method to include these date parameters inside MDX query so that it filters the records and then fetches only qualifying records to SSRS. But I am unable to achieve this as of now. I have already posted this question in msdn forum and placing that thread here for reference.


can some one help me in achieving this? 


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